the Foundry coworking space in Corvallis, Oregon

Moved to new digs!

As of March 1, 2017, I’ve moved my office two blocks east and am now working at the Foundry in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. Working at the Madison Ave. Collective was terrific. I love the people there and was fortunate to have been able to collaborate with seven of their designers over the last seven years to create […]

Switching WordPress SEO plugins

Just as the web is constantly evolving, so are WordPress and WordPress plugins. This post is about a case where we’ve decided we need to evolve from a plugin we’ve been using for years to a different one. The basic WordPress install doesn’t set the “meta data” that is used to give clues to the […]

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design Resources

Jonathan Kurten, Cully Larson and I presented a talk about responsive web design today at the Madison Ave. Collective. This is a list of resources for the talk. Why Support Mobile? Statistics and articles about usage. Responsive Web Design Infographic – a quick look at usage trends. Mobile Marketing Statistics 2015 Google’s mobile-friendly test – […]