How to Remember All Your Passwords

trying to keep track of passwordsSo far in this series we’ve discussed why it’s important to create strong passwords and how to create strong passwords that you can remember.

But let’s face it. Remembering one password is easy. It’s remembering dozens (or hundreds) of passwords for banking, shopping, social media, email, applications and more that is virtually impossible. This leads many people to create just a few passwords and use them everywhere. This is dangerous, because if someone manages to capture your password on one site they can try it on other sites and potentially cause a lot of damage. See How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking for an example.

Fortunately there are tools you can use to store and recall your passwords. Here are a few to consider:

  • 1Password – I’ve used 1Password for years and like it a lot.
  • LastPass – Inexpensive and popular.
  • KeePass – Open source; free.

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