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Qualifications Proven webmaster, with experience in site design, development, marketing, and a variety of web technologies. Skills include graphic design, content development, coding in HTML and CSS. Developed the McWebby website manager, a content management system for maintaining dynamic, database-driven sites, using PHP and MySQL. Design emphasis is placed on usability, accessibility, browser compatibility through standards compliance, and search engine optimization.

Dedicated program manager experienced with projects spanning multiple departments and teams. Ability to understand and work with complex systems, both technical and organizational. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Commitment to teamwork and to providing leadership through example and coaching.

Three years of successful product management, including market study, product definition, program management, contract management, sales training, customer presentations, schedules and budgets.

Over eight years of people and project management as software engineering manager, including product definition, software architecture, hiring, performance reviews, schedules and budgets.

Principled and technically diverse software engineer, with over eight years of experience in functional specifications, object-oriented architecture and design, coding and testing.

Keen understanding of network management and Internet issues, including technology, market and e-commerce. Defined, architected, designed and implemented an object-oriented management and provisioning system for multi-node voice/data PABX. Served four years on IEEE 802.3 network management task force, led IETF network management working group for four years and authored several SNMP MIB RFCs. Defined and delivered to market several successful LAN/switch network management software products.

Skilled with a wide range of programming languages, operating systems, tools and development environments, with proven ability to quickly adapt to new situations.

Coloma Communications, Coloma, CA, and Corvallis, OR
Principal, consulting business, Sep 1995 to present

(Note: dropped the business name “Coloma Communications” in January, 2012.) Primary focus on web site design, development and marketing. Responsibilities have included graphic design, content development, HTML/CSS, and database development using PHP and MySQL. Early projects also included writing and review of technical and marketing materials, IETF standards committee representation and customer support for technology companies.

Tahoe Networks, San Jose, CA
Senior Engineering Manager, Sep 2001 to Jan 2002

Managed a group of software engineers who were developing a web-based, Java-driven network management software platform. The product was a switch that interfaced between data-capable wireless (cellular) telephone networks and the Internet. Features included device management and AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) functions. Responsible for scheduling, project management, some functional specifications.

Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA
Product Marketing Manager, Oct 1996 to Apr 1997
Engineering Manager, Apr 1997 to Oct 1997

Technology investigation for Java-based web architecture for network management of the Catalyst family of switches. Evaluated existing products and development tools, presented findings and provided technical support to Engineering and Marketing groups and customers. Also acted as program manager for updates to traditional network management software platform.

Granite Systems, Palo Alto, CA (now part of Cisco Systems)
Senior Software Engineer, Sep 1996 to Oct 1996

Evaluated SNMP management information bases (MIBs) and Java applications, recommended network management plan for Granite’s gigabit switch. When Granite was purchased by Cisco (10/96), worked with Cisco teams to determine integration solutions.

Livingston Enterprises, Pleasanton, CA (now part of Lucent Technologies)
Senior Software Engineer, Jul 1996 to Sep 1996

Member of software design team for Java-based, web-accessible ISP management software system.

SynOptics / Bay Networks (now Nortel Networks), Santa Clara, CA
Product Manager, Feb 1991 to Aug 1992
Product Line Manager, Aug 1992 to Dec 1993
Software Engineering Manager, May 1994 to May 1995
Network Management Architect, May 1995 to Sep 1995

Initially responsible for Ethernet network management hardware and agent software. Duties included market studies, detailed technical product definition and program management. Worked with Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and other organizations to coordinate schedules, resolve internal conflicts, and ensure timely and effective product delivery. Shipped two new hardware platforms and a dozen new software features and upgrades, and coordinated a multi-segment Ethernet program that included the products of several product managers.

Chosen by IETF in June 1991 to co-chair newly formed Hub MIB Working Group, wrote two RFCs with co-editor Keith McCloghrie.

Promoted to manage all network management hardware and agent software product line. Due to hiring freeze, also continued to act as product manager for Ethernet network management. Overall program manager and architect for management of the new System 5000 Concentrators.

Returned to Engineering to manage SNMP software engineers developing advanced network management applications for Ethernet and Token Ring concentrators. Continued IETF participation, appointed to IETF Network Management Directorate.

DAVID Systems, Sunnyvale, CA
Research and Development Engineer, Jun 1983 to Jun 1984
Senior Research and Development Engineer, Jun 1984 to Feb 1985
Principal Research and Development Engineer, Feb 1985 to Jan 1989
Director, Network Management Software, Jan 1989 to Jan 1991

Designed and implemented object-oriented software for the DAVID Manager voice/data PABX, including primitives to manage connections, voice networking software to handle calls, transfers, and conferences in a multi-node system, and the first circuit-switched data call software.

Project manager of system and network management software for the PABX, including configuration database, provisioning, runtime changes, man-machine interface, multi-node features. Architected, specified Administrative Class of Service and other features, supervised software design, managed up to seven software engineers, implemented substantial code.

Built network management software group for DAVID ExpressNet Ethernet concentrators. Specified system architecture and functionality, hired and managed engineers and consultants, selected tools and platforms, designed SNMP MIB, managed successful SNMP implementation.

Specified DAVID ExpressView network management platform, managed outside contractors developing ExpressView. Represented DAVID Systems in IEEE 802.3 Hub Management task force and IETF SNMP working group. Taught SNMP and network management classes.

Prior Experience
Prior to 1981, work experience included professional photography, custom photographic printing, reporting, editing, press preparation and business management. Solo published a small regional magazine from 1977 to 1978. While in school (1981-1983), employed at Tektronix and Xidak, with responsibilities including technical writing, designing and implementing software test suites, customer training and technical support. Details available on request.

Education Stanford University, Sep 1968 to Jun 1969, Sep 1981 to Jun 1983
Majored in Mathematical Sciences with emphasis on Computer Software. In addition to programming basics, courses included Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Advanced Compilers, Programming Language Design and substantial mathematics.

Portland Community College, Sep 1980 to Jun 1981
Courses included Calculus, Programming (in Pascal), and Basic Electric Circuits.

Project Management, Summer 1992
Weeklong training session by John Patton of Cadence Management Corporation.

SNMP Tutorial, October 1989
Two-day tutorial by Jeff Case on the Simple Network Management Protocol.

Publications Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Network Management Standards
Co-authored IETF Hub MIB Working Group standards-track documents. Wrote all descriptive text, worked with co-author and committee to define MIB (Management Information Base) objects:

  • Request For Comments (RFC) 1368, Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Repeaters.
  • RFC 1515, Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Medium Attachment Units (MAUs).
  • RFC 1516, Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Repeaters (update to RFC 1368).
References Available on request.