Smush Your Images to Reduce Load Times

compressing disk storageNote: Yahoo! stopped hosting Smushit in March 2015, but there is an alternative at See this article for more information.

Yahoo! YSlow Smush.itâ„¢ uses optimization techniques specific to image format to remove unnecessary bytes from image files. It is a “lossless” tool, which means it optimizes the images without changing their look or visual quality. After runs on a web page it reports how many bytes would be saved by optimizing the page’s images and provides a downloadable zip file with the minimized image files.

Running WordPress? You can install the WP plugin. It will run every image you add to a page or post through the optimizer.

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  • If you’re using a Mac, you’ll find ImageOptim to be a quick and easy to use tool for optimizing images. It works by finding best compression parameters and by removing unnecessary comments and color profiles. It handles PNG, JPEG and GIF animations. Caution: if you use it to remove color profiles, be sure to read their color profile instructions first so that you don’t end up with an unwanted color shift.

Image credit: prill / 123RF Stock Photo